TUR MN 710A / 710P

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: FAT Haco (Polska)
  • Turning length: 1000-2000-3000-4000-5000-6000 mm
  • Swing over bed: 710 mm
  • Swing over cross slides: 450 mm
  • Max. job weight: 2000 kg
  • Spindle speed: 1800 obr./min
  • Spindle bore: 140 / (165/190) mm
  • Spindle motor power: 18,5 kW

TUR 560/630/710MN is a high precision, high quality European product manufactured in Poland. The parts we use in our products only come from world leaders in machine tool parts. The high level of standard equipment makes the TUR MN lathe a powerful tool which will increase capacity of your workshop from the first day! A large range of easy to install options will fulfill any special requirement.


The heavy duty headstock is actually located on the two V’s of the induction hardened and ground bed surface, hand scraped to ensure correct alignment and the best possible fit. Made of a one piece housing the TUR560MN and TUR630MN are equipped with strong, high precision spindle bearings that guarantee perfect stability and accuracy when machining. A 140mm diameter spindle bore and double spindle nose is standard on the A -models.

Easy programming!

TUR MN with Siemens 840D SL allows you to work manually, semi-automatic or full CNC. The user friendly Siemens Shop Turn Conversational Programming System will make your work efficient and enjoyable.

Standard equipment

  • Siemens CNC system: Sinumerik 840D SL with Shop Turn
  • Complete coolant system
  • Manual tailstock
  • Hydraulic aggregate
  • Absolute Encoders

Optional equipment

  • Wide range of self-centering hydraulic steady rests
  • Boring bar attachment mounted on T-slots
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Actuating cylinder for hydraulic chuck
  • Pneumatic chuck
  • And many more

Technical Documentation

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