Series CP-CNC

Technical data

  • Length between centers: 1500-6000 mm
  • Longitudinal travel: 1850-6250 mm
  • Max. grinding depth: 795 mm
  • Spindle motor power: 20 (23) kW
  • Standard grinding wheel: 750/80-100/304
  • Max. weight between centers: 4000 kg
  • Machine weight: 12000-18000 kg

The CP-CNC range of grinding machines are high capacity, strong, heavy duty machines with a large diameter capability and a good range of between centre sizes. They are ideally suited to heavy industry and are an excellent choice when grinding components such as tungsten carbide stabilisers (oil industry), large shafts (railway industry) and carbide rolls (metal forming industry). The range is also ideal for large diameter, short components where large chucks are required such as pressure balance seals and large aerospace components which require internal and external grinding in one set-up.

The CP-CNC, as with all GER machines, offers an extensive choice of machine customisation togetherwith a large variety of accessories to enable each machine to be tailored to an individual customer’s production requirements.


  • CP-1500 CNC -(Length between centers: 1500 mm)
  • CP-2000 CNC – (Length between centers: 2000 mm)
  • CP-2500 CNC -(Length between centers: 2500 mm)
  • CP-3000 CNC -(Length between centers: 3000 mm)
  • CP-4000 CNC -(Length between centers: 4000 mm)
  • CP-5000 CNC -(Length between centers: 5000 mm)
  • CP-6000 CNC -(Length between centers: 6000 mm)


Technical Documentation

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