Series C-CNC

Technical data

  • Length between centers: 600-1000 mm
  • Longitudinal travel: 750-1150 mm
  • Max. grinding diameter: 275 mm
  • Spindle motor power: 5,5 kW
  • Standard grinding wheel: 400/50-80/127
  • Max. weight between centers: 100 kg
  • Machine weight: 4000-4500 kg

The C-CNC range of grinding machines can be supplied in a number of formats, from a standard cylindrical machine with a single external wheel, right up to a fully universal machine with B axis indexing and multiple wheel combinations..

This range offers excellent flexibility and performance and is ideally suited to smaller components such as punches, shafts and surgical equipment. By introducing the C axis work head rotation control with interpolation the C-CNC machines are also able to carry out non-round and spiral-shaped component grinding.

The C-CNC, as with all GER machines, offers an extensive choice of machine customisation together with a large variety of accessories to enable each machine to be tailored to an individual customer’s production requirements.


  • C-600 CNC – (Length between centers: 600 mm)
  • C-1000 CNC – (Length between centers: 1000 mm)


Technical Documentation

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