FTM 1000

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: FAT HACO (Polska)
  • Swing over bed: 1000 mm
  • Swing over cross slides: 1000 mm
  • Turning length: 1500-7500 mm
  • Max. spindle speed: 1200rpm
  • Max. job weight in chuck: 3500 kg
  • Spindle motor power: 66 kW
The FTM 700 is equipped with a Siemens 840D SL CNC system with ShopTurn conversational programming system for turning and milling. Fanuc 0i-TD is optional.

The new FTM 700 slant bed CNC lathe has a heavy duty 60° inclined bed with 70° column. The swing over bed measures 700 mm with distances between the centers from 2100 up to 7100.

This machine is equipped with a Siemens 840 D SL CNC system with Shopturn application for turning and milling. In standard execution there is a heavy duty spindle with bore of 140 mm, 220, 320, 360 on FTM 700.

The machine can be equipped with different hydraulic power chucks. Driven tools are optionally available on standard 12-position toolturret (VDI 60). In combination with the continuous C-axis, the machine can carry out complicated milling, drilling and tapping operations.

For working on long boring bars, as a special option, there is also a 9 position tool disc  available which is working with the standard toolturret. On the disc there are 6 positions of VDI60 (static or driven tools) and 3 positions for tool holders according to DIN69881.

The axes are driven with servomotors through ball screw drives, utilizing roller guideways in X and Y axes for high speed movement and slide ways where high stiffness is needed. The ball screws are driven by a brushless motor, a toothed belt reduction unit and preloaded nuts.

The massive tailstock is positioned with the saddle with hydraulic clamp/unclamp and hook-up operation (hydraulic live quill is standard). Programmable tailstock with separate drive system is an option. The design of tailstock provides also easy setting and high stiffness.

Optional equipment
  • C-axis positioning with spindle brake or full contour C-Axis with separate worm gear drive and separate servomotor
  • 12-Position tool turret Sauter with VDI 60 disk and live tooling (without tool holders)
  • Y-axis
  • B-axis with tool changer
  • Manual or automatic pull down tool presetter
  • Independent NC- drive for tailstock and steady rest

Technical Documentation

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