Series CU-CNC

Technical data

  • Length between centers: 1000-2000 mm
  • Longitudinal travel: 850-2180 mm
  • Max. grinding depth: 355 (455) mm
  • Spindle motor power: 7,5 (11) kW
  • Standard spindle speed: 500/80/203
  • Max. weight between centers: 300 (500) kg
  • Machine weight: 5500-8500 kg

The CU-CNC range of grinding machines features a more substantial, stronger structure. This enables the machines to grind heavier and larger diameter components than the C-CNC range. With its wider range of sizes between centres it is ideally suited to more demanding applications such as tungsten carbide component grinding with carbide wheels.

With its range of formats from a machine with a single external wheel right up to a machine with B axis indexing and multiple wheel combinations, as well as a C axis workhead for non-round and spiral shape component grinding, these machines are the ideal base for automation and can be integrated into production lines.

The CU-CNC, as with all GER machines, offers an extensive choice of machine customisation together with a large variety of accessories to enable each machine to be tailored to an individual customer’s production requirements.


  • CU-600 CNC – (Length between centers: 600 mm)
  • CU-1000 CNC – (Length between centers: 1000 mm)
  • CU-1500 CNC – (Length between centers: 1500 mm)
  • CU-2000 CNC – (Length between centers: 2000 mm)


Technical Documentation

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