CNC Rotary Table Vertical Grinders

The RTV-CNC range of rotary table vertical grinding machines use a ‘T’ shaped bed with a rigid, fixed column which incorporates the vertical Z axis wheel head movement.

The X axis longitudinal table movement is directly mounted on the front of the bed with the integrated rotary chuck which includes C axis. These machines provide an excellent solution with maximum single spindle flexibility for large diameter, heavy components which require high precision internal, external and face grinding – for example motor casings, gears, bearings and turbines found in sectors such as power generation, aerospace and marine etc.

Using a RTV-CNC for heavier components has a distinct advantage over a horizontal grinder in that, rather than constantly fighting gravity, the weight of the component actually makes it easier to load and position it on the rotary table.

RTV 2000-CNC

Max. grinding diameter: 2000 mm
Max. grinding height: 750 mm

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RTV 2500-CNC

Max. grinding diameter: 2500 mm
Max. grinding height: 750 mm

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